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I noticed I don’t have any portfolio site to show my personality, so this post describes the history of me.

I’m now working in the leading company for the analytical science. Our analytical solutions including instruments, software and applications are applauded by global customers. My main role is software developer, but it’s just half of my role. To design the beautiful and powerful software for the world excellent chemists, the knowledge for the chemistry, physics and mathematics are required. Additionally, to provide the many solutions for the many requirements, good project management skill is required too.

HEY!! Don’t show off!!

Flutter team will introduce new flutter lint package into the flutter template application (generated by “flutter create my_app”).

Long time, “pedantic” or “effective_dart” is the most famous package as the lint package. But both packages are maintained by other than the flutter team, so the many flutter developers requested the official lint package for flutter team.

PR is here.

And, official announcement is here.



Hi, I’m sugit. Software engineer working @ kyoto.

I usually develop Flutter application as my hobby, and usually use IDE like VSCode or Android Studio. These are fully functional and strongly support my app development workflows.




These are slightly BORING for me.

I originally used FORTRAN, C and C++ with just a simple text editor when I was in University. That did’t have any useful GUI tools. I sometimes miss their nostalgic days.

I noticed a few days ago.

To get back my nostalgic days, I need to change my IDE to Vim!!

(A little leaping? No…

In this article, I’d like to introduce my desk setups.

Software engineer is the simplest way to introduce who I am. Actually, I’m working as engineer in the company which producing the analytical devices. My role written in my business card is software engineer but moreover I have several roles like Chemist, Marketer, Consultant and Software Engineer. So I’m full-stack engineer beyond the border of software.

Do you get interested in me? :)

My key devices and tools are as follows.

  1. MacBookPro 13inch Intel Core i7
  2. MacBookAir 13inch M1 (Apple Silicon)
  3. iPad Pro 11inch
  4. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HYBRID Type-S…

Favorite cafe’ in Kyoto, Japan

Hi, I’m Sugit.

I’m software engineer working in a chemical company in Kyoto. I develop dotNet applications and React web application. I develop smartphone applications in my days off. I love Flutter.

I love outdoor activities. Heavy coffee and bonfire makes me relaxing. :)


Yaruhyaku: Managing your new year resolutions with your precious memory photos. Only Japanese now. English version will be released …


  • Happy Hacking Keyboard Hybrid Type-S UK
  • MacBookPro 13inch intel
  • MacBookAir 13inch apple silicon
  • iPad Pro 11inch
  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods Pro
  • Aftershokz Aeropex
  • Fujifilm X-S10 : Camera
  • ErgoHuman Pro : Chair


Software Engineer, Kyoto

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